Sunday 12/11/16



14 olneyville square + 4-7pm

Whistle-blower: a public gathering and discussion

‘In conjunction with the window installation by Providence artist Glenna Van Nostrand, a public gathering will be held at the Dirt Palace on December 11th. The event will include information about what to do in the aftermath of situations of rape and sexual assault, reflections on misogyny and the silencing of victims, particularly in the context of calling out those in positions of power, as well as information about efforts being taken to make Providence’s social, music, art and community spaces more equip to deconstruct and dismantle rape-culture.’



115 empire st. + 4:30-6:30pm + free

Muslim Ally Workshop

‘It has become increasingly clear that life for a Muslim in America is not safe. Our friends and neighbors face hatred every day. This is a workshop to help us all understand the struggle that they face and hopefully become better allies. This will be an interview format with a few muslim panelist.’



276 westminster st. + 8 pm + $8 + all ages

The Eyesores // The Huntress (HAHH) // Death Vessel // Trois Corbeaux

dark folk & whimsical, beautiful and eerie melodies  



115 empire st. + 9 pm + $7 + all ages

Downtown Boys // 1AM // Iris Creamer // Vatic

time to get rowdy and dance to some rock n roll 


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