Wednesday 10/12/16


The Grange Providence

West Side Listening Series featuring short sets by PVD musicians featuring Bermuda Records, Divey and more

providence has many talents and the grange is dedicating a whole series to shine a light on the cities hidden gems



999 main st. pawtucket + free (passing hat for donations) + 7 pm

a monthly open mic with a lot of love


Dusk Providence

301 harris ave.+ 9 pm + $5 + 21 plus

Ouija Wednesday feat.Beta Motel, XR Tabs, Va Va Blume and DJ John O’ Leary

mod rock, electronic dance party 

nick a nees


75 south st. + 9 pm + free

RaR String Band

the bluegrass throwdown at PVDs favorite dive bar 


Aurora Providence 

276 westminster st. + 9 pm

Valerie Martino || Julia || Jjaazz

inspirational Mmajick, stone cold grooves, electronic church music


Fete Music Hall 

103 dike st. + 7 pm + $12 + all ages

Tall Heights with The Western Den

“Captivating vocal harmonies drive a folk-inspired accompaniment of cello and acoustic guitar”



115 empire st.+ 8 pm + $8 + all ages

LuSoup || Jscire ||Seppi || Mikey LS || Chris Billz || Rellz || Young Iverson || Currtisy || T-Capp

hip hop showdown

funk night

The Parlour

1119 n. main st. + 10 pm + $5 + 21 plus

Funky Autocrats

best funk night in rhode island


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