Saturday 10/8/16



2 college st. + 10 am – 5 pm

RISD Craft 2016

RISD craft sale features handmade fine art and design work by more than 90 alumni and 30 current students.

14324699_1523962720954554_1991758484862004380_oWest End Block Party 

dexter st. + 1 pm-4 pm

a great way to get to know your community, the people, and all it has to offer!



a heavenly dive bar

75 south st. + 9 pm+ free

Julie Rhodes || These Wild Plains

a power house of blues, rock n’ roll and americana


Columbus Theatre

270 broadway + 9 pm + $12 + all ages


think.. the smiths on acid climbing out of a bucket of post punk goo that you want rubbed all over your body



60 valley st. + 5:30 pm – 8 pm

Academy Records

academy records brings together nine rock and roll drummers in an encore performance of defeat


The Met

1005 main st. pawtucket + 7 PM + $24 + all ages

The Get Up Kids || Brick + Mortar || Backwards Dancer

punk, indie, rock 



115 empire st.

BIKE SWAP at main stage 4 pm – 8 pm + free

Traditional Irish Music Session at the bar 4 pm – 7 pm + free


Machines With Magnets 

400 main st. pawtucket + 9 pm + $10

Sarah Hennies || John Krausbauer || Valentine Sinclair & Kieran Morris

electronic and electro-Acoustic performances


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