Wednesday 8/24/16

sean is weird

The Grange Providence | Sean Kennedy || Kate Jones | 9 PM | Free | All Ages

100 % of food purchases will be donated to the beloved South Side Community Land Trust 


186 Carpenter st. | Providence Hoot Open Mic | 7 PM | Free accepting donations for the space

“…local music, stand-up, spoken word and all sorts of entertainment. We invite performers of all types, as well as those who’d rather listen/watch.”


Machines With Magnets | Bellerophon || Craig Wreck || Baylies Band || Pyramid | 8 PM

“noise, rock, psyche, electronica”  


The Met Pawtucket | Elephant Wrecking Ball featuring members of Pretty Lights, John Browns Body, and RAQ  || Tai Chi Funk Squad | 8 PM | $10 | All Ages

heavy grooves, ambient dub

funk night

The Parlour | The Funky Autocrats | 10 PM | $5 | 21+

top of the chart groove masters bless the stage on THE funk night

nick a nees

Nick-A-Nee’s | A Heavenly Dive| The Bluegrass tHrOEDOWN | RAR String Band | 8:30 PM | Free

dog friendly , pool tables, jukebox, bluegrass   i mean cmon’


Dusk Providence | Crucial Rip || Garroted || Throne of Botis | 9 PM | $6 | 18+

brutal death metal 


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