Monday 8/22/16


Aurora Providence | FREE MONDAYS | Bob Log III with The Kevin Dowling Fitness Hour || The Z-Boys || Cannibal Ramblers | 9 PM | Free | All Ages

rowdy bluegrass and rock n roll 

nick a nees

Nick-a-Nees | A heavenly dive bar |  The House Combo | 9 PM | Free | Dog Friendly


foundation mondays

The Parlour || Foundation Mondays || Upsetta International and Natural Element Band | 9 PM | Free | 21+



The Met | The John Allmark Jazz Orchestra | 8 PM | $8 | All Ages

The band is comprised of the finest jazz musicians in New England and is known throughout the country as one of the the very best ensembles of its type


Cable Car Cinema | a theater with couches and beer 

Captain Fantastic | 12:00  4:30  9:15

Lo and Behold | 2:25  7:00


The Grange | Mindful Mondays | 10% off when you check your phone at the hostess stand while dining.

Louie Fullers | Mussel Mondays | $5 Bowl of awesome

Nolans Corner Pub | Tropical Hot Dog Night | Buy a beer get a free hot dog | All Night!

Trinity Brew House | Wing Night !


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