The Grange | Infusion Evolution | 9 PM | No Cover

Infusion Evolution plays original music with a flamenco Afro-Cuban flair. It is the combination of our diverse backgrounds which creates something powerful and emotional. The rhythmic nature of the band produces a hypnotic feel that levitates people from their seats, while the strong and attentive groove draws them to the dance floor.”


go to http://www.film-festival.org/ for full schedule


Aurora Providence | Salsa dancing every first Wednesday of every month

the spot

The Spot Underground | Free Funk Wednesdays | with Breakfast for The Boys | 9 PM

funk night

The Parlour | Funk Wednesdays | $5 | 10 PM

nick a nees

Nick – A – Nees | Bluegrass every Wednesday | Bill Thebodeau | No Cover | 9:30 PM


Potluck & Poetry & Open Mic & Acoustic Show | 7:30 PM | Watermyn Co-Op



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