Tuesday 7/21/15

fringe       All events are $5 – $10 unless noted otherwise

The Dean Hotel 

Room 212 | 8 PM | Where the Wild Things Are | by Andrew Polec | Just graduating from the Brown/Trinity MFA Program, he has now set out to make theatre in your living room, the tiny crevices of your mind, and anywhere else it can fit.


7:00 PM | ” The Road to High Street” with Andrew Potter | A buskers digital rock n roll story | The true, tell-all tale of two unicycle-riding/fire-eating/guitar-playing/rubber chicken-juggling street performers,in a one-man, live, musical, digital storytelling show. Oh… it’s about chasing your dreams, too.

8:30 PM | Entropy


7 PM | Pop Up Performer Takeover feat. Buskers, Street Performers and More!

8:30 PM | Touchstone | Salmon | Frosting | By the Ergot Players | Paintings of terrible monsters. cats and cemeteries, women and demons. Witches, feral children, poison gardens, poison colors, beautiful nightmares. Haptic-corporeal experience and knowledge with terpsichorean base notes.(ha what the fringe?)

The Avenue Concept 

304 Lockwood st. | 8 PM | Love Possibly | by WilburWilburNealbur | ..will take you through a range of heartfelt passions punctuated with joyous humor that will make you glad to give your Netflix account a rest

Chifferobe Atelier 

1005 Main st. #8141

7 PM | Psychedelic Wee Waa | Comedian Jake Goldman | “if you want to drive out to a former mill in Pawtucket to see a grown man read short stories and run around a stage playing characters like Uncle Grandpa and Taco Greg, the Taco Detective for about 40 minutes, this is the performance for you. If it isn’t for you, that’s fine. We all have things to do. We are all very busy. Just know that I will haunt your dreams. I met a genie once and that was the wish I had: to haunt any person’s dreams at any time” >> I like this dude.

8 PM | True Thomas | by Sophie Netanel | The story of a man who went to Faerie Land and what he found there

Matthewson St. Black Box Theater 

134 Matthewson | 4th Floor

7 PM | Wonder Tales | by Rose Jermusyk |  fairy tales retold, reimagined, and sometimes redefined (re-divined?) with an ear to keeping things relevant.

8 PM | Corinne Wahlberg & Stuart Window | It’s the story of eight states, twenty two addresses, two countries, and two people.

URI Providence Campus 

7 PM | Music by J.P.A Falzone | A solo performance of electro-acoustic keyboard(s) and analog bass synthesizer.

7:30 PM | A Rosary Stigmata | by James Celenza and directed by Patricia Thomas |  set of episodes, an array of different possibilities—or impossibilities that mimics the sequential, often repeated, prayers of the Catholic rosary. It involves acting, movement, music, and the endless patter of word words words

8:30 PM | A Play About Nothing | by Broadside Theatricals | A dark comedy

The Wilbury Group 

7:00 PM | Circles Diamonds Hearts and Guns: Stories From My Youth | by Nancy Lucia Hoffman presented by Tyrannosaurus Rep

8:00 PM | Roadhouse the Musical | by Brien Lang and Roadhouse the Musical the Band.

machine with magnets

Machine with Magnets | 8 PM | $9


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